Rat Stopper

Anti-Vermin Non-Return-Valve (Rat Stopper)

We stop vermin entering your property or workplace via a defective drainage system. This one way door lets waste out but allows nothing in from your sewer, be it vermin, flood water or smells and prevents them from ever becoming a problem.

This is a permanent, simple, cheap solution to vermin ingress, to stop rats from moving from the main sewer into the pipes serving your home.

A hinged gate designed to fit directly to 4 inch or 6 inch pipe to prohibit vermin or rats from ever encroaching your home life by denying rats access to their thoroughfare: the drainage sewer system.

Available in both 110mm (4″) and 150mm (6″), we can supply only, or provide a supply and fit service (if you are too busy or squeamish).

  • Fits clay & plastic
  • 4 inch and 6 inch pipes
  • Stops flooding and back up from surcharges drains
  • Stops vermin entering the property
  • Stops smells from entering the property
  • Unique shape that can open clear of the drain walls on both straight and bent inlet