Septic tank, Soakaway or Cesspit problems

  • Nasty smells?
  • Overflowing sewage?
  • Got a leaking, seeping problem?
  • Call the experts!

Pongs, leaks, and puddles:

Consistent reliable and dependable service and your cesspit or septic tank has decided to play up – backing up and spilling and leaking effluent into your lawn (or to make matters worse – your neighbour’s garden).  It could be a clogged soakaway that is causing the overflow to collect around your property.

It may be solved simply by servicing the tank or pipe by emptying then high pressure jetting the associated tanks, or it may be a little more complicated with damage to the structure.

Whatever the issue, call on us, to isolate the problem and repair for you.

Accidental damage?

The common accidental damage results from trees roots creeping in to the tank or an unforeseen event.

Accidental like this but not wear and tear, and you’re covered by insurance, you can look to us to get your reasonably settled for you.

How it works:

Firstly we attend site and attempt to resolve your emergency quickly.

We then undertake a CCTV inspection to identify the specific problems causing the failure. If we find that the problem is covered by accidental damage clause on your building insurance policy, you can give us authority to manage the claim for you and on your behalf. We will take it through and present to your insurers. We take a step by step approach with insurers until the repairs are completed and the claim is paid. 

If you do not have insurance cover, we can still carry out all the necessary repairs to restore functionality by providing a quote and agreeing a great value for money price with you directly

You do not need to argue with the insurer, make lots of worrying and frustrating phone calls, or find a firm to do the job – We do it all for you.

Do you have accidental damage cover?  We can arrange to fix yours drainage, septic tank and cesspit issues etc. But only manage a claim for you if you have accidental damage cover.