Moving Home- Would a CCTV Survey Benefit Me?

If you’re soon to be moving home, a CCTV survey could be beneficial to you. Moving house can often be very stressful, so it’s important to check the property thoroughly for any faults to avoid any stress lingering over you once you’re all moved in!

Taking the time to ensure a CCTV drain survey is performed on your new home is a small but rewarding task as it could save a lot of stress, hassle and money in the long run.

CCTV drain surveys can ensure there are no problems with the drains in your new home. An expert engineer will use the latest equipment in order to inspect your drains and pipes. A small, CCTV camera is inserted far into the drain, allowing the engineer to see what’s going on inside. They will be able to detect any problems that may not be visible from the outside. Once the survey has been completed, you will be given a detailed survey report and will be recommended any necessary actions to take.

Common problems that CCTV drain surveys find include tree roots damaging the pipes, pipes that have collapsed, broken or cracked, a potential blockage due to fat build up and problems within the pipes joints.

It’s important to understand that whilst these drain problems can be easy to assess and repair, they will cause less disturbance and cost less money the earlier they are diagnosed and fixed. Many homeowners are often feeling the lack of money in their pockets after moving, which makes CCTV drain surveys a great way to ensure you don’t endure any expensive issues in the near future.

You should also think about the house you are leaving behind. Though you may be solely focussed on your new home, you may have an easier time selling your old home if everything is in working order and has been approved by drain expertise. It will be better for you to identify any potential problems before any possible buyers find them. If your drains undergo a CCTV survey and do not identify any problems, you can use the report as proof that everything is exactly as it should be.

If you’re going to be moving home soon and would like some advice on whether or not you will need a CCTV drain survey, we can help. Our expert team can identify any issues, decide on an appropriate course of action and work out the simplest, quickest and most-effective way to put any problems right.

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