A Guide to: Soakaways

A soakaway is a hole in the ground that has been filled with pebbles, rubble and coarse stones. They allow the surfaces water to infiltrate back into the earth close to where it falls. Soakaways can be blocked by rainwater, which can quickly turn into an expensive issue.

The downpipes for the house are then run into the soakaway, and the top soil is then replaced. When the rain begins to fall, it runs into the soakaway and fills the holes in between the stones and rubble, and is then gradually absorbed by the ground around.

Soakaway construction has a low environmental impact as it uses few materials. It is a drainage system that deals with surface water in the area where it is occurring, meaning the need for council drainage and sewerage systems is low. Soakaways also reduce the need for chemical treatments as the water is less likely to become polluted.

Soakaway Crates

Soakaway crates are handy products that take the place of the rubble and stone infill within a soakaway pit. They look very similar to milk crates but have a constructive stability and are long-wearing. They work in the same way as a normal soakaway but without the need to transport stones, rubble and other materials to the pit, in turn saving time and effort.

Potential Problems

Debris can make its way into a soakaway if a filter is not used. Leaves, moss, grass and other fragments can enter the soakaway and create a blockage. A blocked soakaway will mean it needs to be removed and replaced. A soakaway replacement can be costly, often because they are installed under patios and gardens. In these circumstances, it is important to remember the cost and the inconvenience of the work needed to be done. Soakaways that are blocked can also cause localised flooding, which in itself can cause a number of issues:

  • Gutter damage
  • Dry and wet rot
  • Damp
  • In-house flooding

The first symptom of a blocked soakaway will be when the guttering floods and overflows.

At We Love Drains, we’d be happy to inspect and repair your failed or broken soakaways, whether yours is a crate or pit. We can also fix any issues that have been caused by the soakaway and have teams that specialise in flooding, rot and damp problems.

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