Why your Commercial Property needs a CCTV Drain Survey

It’s not unusual for commercial properties to be served by a variety of companies and suppliers. However, this means areas like drains and pipes are generally unseen and forgotten about until something goes wrong.

The wastewater disposal system is rarely considered until something stops functioning, which can eventually lead to decreased water flow, bad smells, leaks and flooding. The consequences to the operation of the property are likely to be troublesome, unpleasant and costly.

It only takes a small amount of damage to the drainage system for it to fail. Pipe damage can also be the result of external influences like tree roots and moving ground. Whatever the cause, a back-up of waste from a kitchen sink or toilet can quickly lead to flooding, bad odours and a contaminated and unpleasant area.

For those who work in areas dealing with food and catering, by law you are not permitted to operate in the event of failed drains. Customers of other businesses may not want to visit a property that is contaminated, has bad smells and could be a hazard to health. Not only this, staff may also be uncomfortable and unwilling to work in an environment.

What is put down a drain can have a dramatic effect on the way it works, and you are likely to have less control over how your drainage system is used within a commercial property. This is because there are a higher number of people using it, and because many of those people are less cautious about what to dispose of when compared to their home drains.

Things like nappies and wet wipes are often disposed of in public toilets, even though many people would never flush them at home. Similarly, many people would not scrape off bits of food from plates and dishes before washing, which could also block up the drains.

Whatever the reason, many issues will go unnoticed until the drains have completely failed or leaks and flooding has occurred. When this happens, repair works will need to be undertaken and the area will need to be cleansed and sanitised. Businesses may have to close over this period and therefore many have a loss of trade.

There is a way to prevent the unexpected happening within our commercial drainage systems. Annual CCTV drainage surveys should be carried out by a professional company to make a visual record of the pipes current condition. The survey involves a small camera travelling through the drains and feeding back the images to the operator. The camera can be rotated and guided to ensure all areas of the drain are recorded. CCTV surveys can be carried out from any drainage chamber, so internal access to the property is not always necessary.

A full report is provided after the CCTV survey which will list any recommended measures and potential future problems. If your drainage system has already failed, the CCTV survey can locate the failure point to help repairs be made quicker.

Here at We Love Drains, we can conduct a CCTV drain survey within your home or business. For more information, get in touch with the team by visiting our contact page or calling us on 0800 849 8099.