Drain blockages cleared with great customer service

Blocked Drain? Leaky Pipe?  All you see is a slow running drain, an overflowing drain, causing mess and smell.  Rest assured – just call Happy Drains and we will quickly sort it out for you.


Drain unblock: There are no surprises with our Fixed Prices! 

It’s not rocket science to unblock a drain. However sometimes it can just be a bit more difficult than we would expect, rest assured if we have access to the manholes and access points, we have all the required experience that is needed to make the problem disappear – down the drain, without any pain! 

NO additional charges

Whilst many other companies will try and clear blockages using rods, sometimes they don’t do the job and then ask for additional fees for jetting equipment, we think that’s a poor value. 

Happy Drains’ drain unblocking charges include jetting equipment, so don’t be caught out and call us.

FREE CCTV ‘look see’ Inspection

Our unblocking service includes a free look see inspection where we think appropriate. This allows our technicians to quickly make a better informed decision re faulty drains and sewers to improve our service to you.

If the Drain Survey reveals a problem, we can prepare a formal detailed CCTV report for you. You will also be able to present the detailed report to your insurance company if required. Our detailed CCTV survey report is at an additional cost. We will be able to  precisely specify what is wrong, and work out the simplest and most cost-effective way to correct any structural problems.

Whatever the drain problem, we have the solution!  

We quickly send our contractor to handle the emergency restore flow and identify the cause. 

NB we may discover when we are on site, that your blockage is caused by the public drain and or sewers being blocked and subsequently causing you issues. We reserve the right to charge for our service and advice and discovering for you the liability is not yours, you should then seek recompense from your water company in these situation